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What is Free Booking ?

Get on GoParties - discover what you are looking for - and book for free without any charges. It truly is free booking and simply walk-in !

What is Crowd Quotient?

Gives the GP user an idea about the type of crowd that may be expected at a particular party-spot. The crowd quotient is on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the lowest on the rating/s.

How can you chat with us ?

Drop us a message on feedback or on support@goparties.com and we will get back to at the soonest.

What is POA: Pay On Arrival?

This is a very special feature exclusively for the GP users.

"POA Mode" is a mode of payment where you make a booking online and the actual payment towards the booking has to be made at the entry-point of the booking venue.

This 'special privilege' is given to our User(s). But as is said, “with great privileges comes great responsibilities”. Hence, if the Partymon(s) / User(s) makes a booking through the "POA Mode”, and the User(s) does not turn-up/show-up at the venue to make the payment at the entry-point, then the following strict penalties shall be applied against the said User(s):

  • 5 Years Black-Listing from the Platforms:

    The POA as a 'mode of payment' would be taken-away from the defaulting User(s) for the next 5 (Five) years; and

  • Reporting To RBI Towards Payment Defaults:

    We would have to report the non-payment of the defaulting Partymon(s) / User(s) to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which would adversely affect the defaulting User’s Credit Rating / Credit History when taking further credits from bank(s), such as, credit card limit / issuance or loans.

Hence, as mentioned above, "with great powers comes great responsibilities", therefore, our recommendation is that use "POA Mode" with great responsibility and enjoy the benefits of the same.

Should you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us at:
Email Us: support@goparties.com

What does 'My Bookings' do ?

A store-house for bookings GP users carry-out. The upcoming bookings ones as well as the history can be accessed.

The most exclusive and amazing feature. Book for going out in groups and avail our special packages with unlimited food and drinks from Rs. 999/- onwards. So hang out with colleagues, friends, have birthday parties, dinner’s, kitty parties and any get togethers which are light on your pocket.

What is Party-card?

The Party Card gives GoParties users all information about the parties, distance, time etc. The best part it's real time info and wait you get to know the crowd quotient and you can book directly for free. It's a card that tells you all.

What does Profile Card cover?

This card covers profiles for party-spots, DJs, Bands, concerts. Highlights include music genre, giving out the niche for each profile. Associated deals are also included while you get to know the social buzz and the distance from your current location.

What is the Party Hotline number: 9711-9712-44 ?

Not in a mood to look-up the application right now, but you desire to know the trending going-out scene. No worries, we got your covered here. Simply call on the Hotline and our Experts ensure that your going-out life reaches a new high. The Hotline number is: 9711-9712-44

What do GoParties users get as Push Notifications ?

Highly recommended to keep your push notifications on. This way you would always be updated and in-line with the most amazing things in the city. Such as, updates related to parties, deal/s and other interesting things.

Does the GP user need to specify his/her Location every-time ?

Once you have entered the location, the system will give references on the basis of the entered location. Unless you would wish to look-up and/or search for other locations. For that you can go to location options on search and choose.

What is Bookmark ?

Found in the app, this section enables you to store/bookmark all the parties, going-out plans at one place. We like to organize it like that.

What all can a GoParties user Search for ?

What’s on your Party Mind? Looking for real-time Parties, Concerts & Deals; or wish to know what are happening Party-Spot grooving in your city; or wish to experience the original work launched by your favourite DJs, Bands and Artists. Just goparties it by using our search.

What are the different Search Filters available ?

Want to further refine the results basis your mood, or simply want to look up where your kind of entertainment are happening? Just use our exciting filters to refine results on the basis of your favorite Music Genre, Theme, What’s Trending, Category, Distance, Date & Location.

What is Party Detailed Page?

The party detail page, enlists various aspects of the parties scene, giving out the details- such as genera, crowd quotient, social buzz etc. of the party in question. Features of a particular party in terms of more information about the party/ event/ venue.

What is Venue Detailed Page ?

This detailed page lists the details of all the venue/party-spot in question.

Send Feedback ?

We love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. Please give us your feedback and we will get back to you and improve the product for better experience.

How can you Share & Earn ?

Share your referral ID with friends and earn special invited to premium parties and special discounts.

How can you rate us ?

Simply click in the rate us option and rate from the respective store.